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Wool Ironing Mat - 13.5" x 13.5"

Wool Ironing Mat - 13.5" x 13.5"

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Performance: This 100% Felted Wool Ironing Mat retains heat, so when you iron your fabric it's like ironing from both sides at the same time!

Portable for Travel: 1/2" density provides extra protection for any ironing surface. 


Efficient Pressing: This thick wool pad will keep your fabric stable while ironing to minimize stretching. Projects including yarn and embroidery can be pinned into the wool for easy blocking.

Care Instructions:

  • These Wool Ironing mats are made with premium wool, so use can use any setting on your iron including the wool setting when pressing.  
  • Don't use steam when ironing, as the wool is a porous material so the steam may go through.  
  • For best results, use a dry iron. Best Press can be used as well.
  • The premium New Zealand wool means the mats don't smell strongly like sheep, unlike competitors mats.

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