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Something Fishy! knotwork pattern

Something Fishy! knotwork pattern

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Well... just a perky little fish, full of personality... ready to be knotted to perfection! This little guy has been busy as Teresa's beginning class design... and now, he's finally made the 'big time' by joining her full line of designs!

What is knotwork? It's a stitching technique pioneered by Teresa Layman as she wanted tiny, authentic-looking rugs for her dollhouses and room boxes.  It consists of lots of French and Colonial knots to outline and fill in designs. It's a lot more fun that you'd think - very soothing to just stitch like a paint-by-number - no counting, no mistaken stitches - start with the outlines and then just fill in with the right colour. Not sure if you've covered the whole area? Hold your work up to a light and peer through it - the "bare" spots will stick out - and it's really easy to just add a few more knots in those spots to cover them up.

Package contains printed design on fabric and complete instructions.

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