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Peach Blossom Brazilian embroidery kit

Peach Blossom Brazilian embroidery kit

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A great learning design to master the detached buttonhole stitch.  Once you have learned this "difficult" stitch, you will be able to stitch very dimensional designs.

Detached buttonhole is considered "difficult" but I feel that it is quite easy to do.  To make the stitch look nicer and smooth to do just takes practice.  This design is a great place to start learning the stitch. 
Stitch all 12 "learning" designs and combine them into a small wall quilt to show all your friends and family what you have learned! Your stunning work will make them want to learn too!

With Complete Directions by Sunshine!
6" x 6"
Brazilian Embroidery Design by Jaqueline O'Reilly

Fabric print, directions, threads to complete the Brazilian Embroidery design and the required milliner needles.

Learning Design #6. Item #JDR-388

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