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Leaves - Brazilian embroidery design and leaflet

Leaves - Brazilian embroidery design and leaflet

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Brazilian Embroidery Leaf Instruction Booklet

Instructions for leaves using Brazilian Embroidery Thread.
Leaf types are abundant in all pictures and bouquets. This is your guide to add life to your design.
Try using boucle for a nubbly look. Use variegated colors for a Coleus look. Use Frost for a stiffer look.
Make leaves with bullions and cast-ons.  There is no reason that all your leaves need to be satin stitched.


Includes two prints to stitch!

Virginia Creeper Brazilian Embroidery Patterm

Techniques covered in this booklet:

  • Alternating Satin Stitch
  • Blanket Stitched Leaves
  • Boucle Leaves
  • Bullion
  • Bullion Stitch
  • Chain Stitch
  • Chain Stitches
  • Colonial Knot
  • Control of the thread colors
  • Couching Stitch
  • Cretan Stitch Leaf
  • Double Stem Stitch
  • Feather Stitch
  • Feather Stitched Leaves
  • Fine Growth
  • French Knot
  • How do I make a Bullion
  • Laundering Recommendations
  • Lazy Daisy Fern Leaves
  • Long & Short Stitch
  • Multiple Leaf Clusters
  • Multiple Rows of Long & Short Stitched Leaves
  • Open Fishbone Stitch Leaf
  • Other Leaf Alternatives
  • Padded Satin Stitch
  • Padded Satin Stitch Leaves
  • Regular Leaf StitchJDR183  Brazilian Embroidery Design
  • Rose Leaves
  • Satin Stitch
  • Satin Stitch Leaves
  • Self-Padded Leaves
  • Shaded Two or 3 color Leaves
  • Stem Stitch
  • Stem Stitched Leaves
  • Stretching Your Finished Project
  • Stringing Your Finished Project

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