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Lacis Tapestry Loom

Lacis Tapestry Loom

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A great beginner loom with lots of possibilities! Simple weaves OR tapestry weaves. 

Lightweight, easily assembled and disassembled without tools. Can be used on table top or with accessory floor stand (LF10 - may be special ordered). Weaving capacity up to 20" wide by 84" long.

If you speak "weave" you may understand the description given by the Lacis staff:

"A solid hardwood two harness weaving loom designed for any of the weaver controlled weaves as well as 2-harness weaves. It incorporates a unique patented shed changing device which automatically changes the position of warp threads to form any of three shed positions, integral simplified warp tension control and an integral warping frame for preparation of the warp.

For replacement bands see WW70 or use a suitable heavy duty rubber band. See "" for set-up and operation video. Video 

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