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Dirty Linen 16 ct Aida - $0.0387 / sq in

Dirty Linen 16 ct Aida - $0.0387 / sq in

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16 stitches per inch Aida weave fabric - colour similar to DMC 3782.

Aida weave refers to a particular weave of the fabric that was invented by Zweigart in 1908. It consists of four threads woven in a classic pattern (see image below).

We fussy-cut to your exact dimensions - just enter the length and width in inches in the boxes above. Example sizes:

  • Fat Quarter: 18" x 22.5"
  • Fat Half: 22.5" x 36"
  • Full Yard: 36" x 43?

Cross Stitch on Aida graphic

Aida  is generally made from 100% cotton, and it comes in several different counts as large as Herta (6 count) and as  fine as 20 count.

The fabric is made by little squares with four holes at the corners. The stitches are formed using these holes. It is available in many different counts, but the most common are 14, 16 and 18 count, that means respectively 14,16 and 18 stitches per inch - so, the higher is the count, the smaller will be your work.
Fractional stitches (1/4 stitches and 3/4 stitches ) can be much easier to do on a linen-weave material. On Aida, the needle needs to punch through the middle of the little square in order to complete the stitch.

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