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Colonial Persian

CP1940-1 Cranberry Colonial Persian wool

CP1940-1 Cranberry Colonial Persian wool

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Colonial Persian Yarn is produced by the original spinner of Paternayan Persian Yarn, using the same proprietary process.

Colour numbers are similar to the Paternayan colours, but with “CP1” in front of the number. Paternayan colour 260, for example, is colour number CP1260.

The yarn is spun from 100% long-staple virgin wool with extraordinary strength for no fraying or breaking during stitching. This versatile, mothproof, 3-ply yarn is perfect for heirloom-quality needlepoint, crewel, cross-stitch and more.

We may have a few colours in stock, but we primarily special-order this thread – see our Special Order information link in the menu at the top of the page.
Available on an 8 yard card or ¼ lb hank. This price is for an 8 yard card.

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