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553 Light Violet - DMC #5 Perle Cotton Ball

553 Light Violet - DMC #5 Perle Cotton Ball

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DMC Perle Cotton Balls promise to provide dimension and volume to your next embroidery project. With a reputation as the most beautiful thread in the world, this luminous cotton thread is highly mercerized and non-divisible. It is soft and silky and ideal for embroidery, needlepoint, hardanger, blackwork, redwork, pulled thread, smocking, applique, crochet, and other types of creative stitchery.

DMC Coton Perlé, Pearl Cotton, or Perle Cotton is named for its twist, which can resemble tiny strung pearls. It comes in four sizes - the thickest is #3, next is #5, then #8, and finally #12. #5 is roughly equivalent to the full 6 strands of embroidery floss, and the colour numbers transfer between floss and Coton Perlé.

Ideal for lower-count fabrics in counted work, Hardanger Kloster blocks, and surface embroidery.

All currently manufactured colours are available though may not be listed here. Unlisted colours may be special ordered (please see link in menu)

Care and Washing: DMC Pearl Cotton Balls are 100% colorfast. They can be washed frequently without fading. The thread can be washed at high temperatures 95° C/203° F. Give particular attention to the fabric on which the thread was embroidered. Made in France.

49 yd ball

Please note that due to the bulk of the ball, these need to be shipped as a parcel. We will contact you with parcel shipping rates. Orders of two balls or less may be flattened for less expensive shipping.

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