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25 ct Easy Count Gridded Lugana - $0.046 / sq in

25 ct Easy Count Gridded Lugana - $0.046 / sq in

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Easy Count fabric comes with a 10 x 10 stitch pale grey grid for easy tracking of counted work designs. When starting your stitching line up the heavy lines on your chart with the grey lines on the fabric. If you reach another grey line and your stitches don't line up with the placement on your chart, you know there's an error - and it's 'way faster to find your mistake within 10 stitches than it is to find out when a large section of your stitching is done.

To remove the grid from your easy guide fabric: Upon finishing your project, you will want to soak your piece in a bath of 90 degree water with a gentle cleaner such as Oxyclean. Soak your project for about an hour and the lines will be gone.

We fussy-cut our fabric to your specific dimensions - simply specify the length and width in the boxes above and the price dynamically updates. Please note that we may not have the size required - we will contact you with any issues.


52% cotton, 48% rayon

DMC equivalent:Blanc

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