Collection: Fabrics

Embroidery fabrics include Evenweave, Aida cloth, and Hardanger. the first 2 having different counts and colours, and create a variety of finishes in your projects. You can also embroider other fabrics and even paper!

Our Evenweave fabrics include linens, cottons, rayons, and poly blends. More tightly woven fabrics are best for surface embroidery such as cross stitch, and looser weaves are best for counted, pulled, and drawn thread techniques.

Aida cloth, typically cotton, are woven with grouped fibres creating easy-to-count squares. Cross stitch is worked over 1 square per stitch.

Harganger fabric is 100% cotton in a 22 count (ct) Evenweave is woven with double threads each counted as one, and is used primarily for pulled and drawn thread techniques. When used for cross stitch it is worked over 2 making it 11ct.