Collection: Silk Mori

Kreinik Silk Mori® is a premium 6-strand, 100% pure SPUN SILK with a delightful softness and creamy lustre. Available in skeins, it can be plied for a wonderful variety of stitches. Silk Mori is easy to use and ideal for beginners in silk thread needlework. Available in 2.5 meter (2.75 yard) skeins and 6 meter (5.5 yard) skeins. Each strand is roughly equivalent to a strand of cotton embroidery floss (eg DMC).

There are two lines of Silk Mori - regular and Milkpaint. Milkpaint was a common type of paint used in Colonial and early 19th century periods. Kreinik has created one-of-a-kind colors in Silk Mori that match the wonderful tones of Milkpaint and its historical era. The Kreinik Milkpaint colors are ideal for cross stitch, historical samplers, and other needlework in Colonial, Federal or early Victorian embroidery, or to create an antiqued effect in any design.

All colours of Silk Mori and Silk Mori Milkpaint are available by Special Order, if they are not listed here or show as Out of Stock ("Please enquire"). Please see our link in the menu for Special Orders.

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