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My name is Dione, and I own The Stitcher's Muse Needleart.

I've blogged before, but not very regularly, and on a different platform. Today I decided to start a new project as I am travelling next week and wanted something fun and beautiful to work on while I wait in airports and on airplanes.

Handpicked - Gifts from the Sea pattern cover

A few weeks ago I purchased the pattern Gifts from the Sea, designed by Elisabetta Sforza and published by Inspirations Magazine. I've been a fan of both for quite a while. When I saw Gifts from the Sea, I fell in love. I thought I would blog my journey and give reviews on products, hints, and tips, and show everyone my progress.

I started with a lovely fine linen which we import from Weberei Weddingen in Germany. I printed out the design using DMC Magic Paper on my inkjet printer. I added a wonderful, extra-thick hoop from Hardwicke Manor and wrapped the hoop with 1" wide twill tape (we have all of these available in the shop, though they may not appear online - if the text is hyperlinked we have the item on our website. I'll add as much as I can over the next few weeks).

Join me in my journey to the beach with Elisabetta and my collection of supplies!

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