Paternayan Persian Yarn – colour 840

Paternayan Persian Wool – colour 840

A classic,high quality, three ply 100% virgin wool yarn known for its durability, lustre, and luxurious colour. Persian yarn is well known the world over for its superiority for needlework such as embroidery, crewel, needlepoint and cross stitch. This yarn exhibits great strength and resilience which prevents it from breaking and fraying during stitching. 8 yd skein. Colours not listed or out of stock are available by special order.

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Paternayan was out of production for a number of years and is slowly being re-introduced We have some stock from its previous producer, JCA, and are stocking the wool from the new producer, Saco River Dyehouse, as we run out of colours and they are ordered by customers. Colours that are in stock will have a phtograph and list the number of items in stock beside “Availability” under the product's name. If there is a colour you are looking for which states it is out-of-stock, please ask us and we will see if we can order it. No extra charge for special orders (it is out way of increasing our inventory).
Persian yarn is well known for its superiority for needlework, particularly needlepoint and crewel embroidery. It exhibits great strength and resilience – resistant to breaking and fraying. It is made from lambs' wool, and the fibres are polished, resulting in a lustre that almost glows.

Coverage for a 1” x 1” square:
#10 mesh – 3 strands – 48”
#12 mesh – 2 strands – 38”
#14 mesh – 2 strands – 42”
#18 mesh – 1 strand – 25”.

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