Olivia, a Crazy Lace Octopus


It’s wonderful to have lots of arms and legs. Think of the stitching you can do! This Crazy-Lace Octopus, Olivia, has put each of her eight arms to good use, embellishing her personal ‘wearable” with crazy patch stitches and lacy petticoats that peek from beneath her hemline.  See More Info for further description.  

Design size: 7" x 9".


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After she does her hair and dons her pearls, she decorates her undersea home with elegant Brazilian dimensional embroidery stitches. A Floss Tail Fish is made with Fluffy Ruffles, two versions of the drizzle and Millefiori’s original Piggyback Cast-on.  Seaweed waves in undersea breezes and spiraling folded drizzle sponges offer shade for a simply-stitched oyster, the source of her pearls. Sea anemones, ruffled starfish, a conch shell and “Stretch, the SeaSnail” pause to admire her artistry, which features variations of the rolled rose, needle woven bullions, Star-fill, feathers, fishies and fishing flies. Olivia has a friend, a companion print named Claudia, the Calico Crab (Millefiori #972). Both designs have some stitches and features in common, yet both are quite different. One similarity, though, is those little jellyfish. Olivia’s jellyfish is Jill Jellyfish (…and Claudia’s jellyfish is named Jack Jellyfish). Jill is stitched in pink and lavender with new twisty folded drizzle tentacles and automatic couching. Her petticoats are running cast-on stitches and she is wearing her diamond earrings and tiara. A stitch guide and finishing suggestions are included with all Millefiori designs. This is an intermediate-advanced level Brazilian embroidery design.

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