Carnival Confetti


 “Come to the Circus!” Or if a carnival will do, here’s one for you! Flowers, flowers, flowers and showers of confetti delight unique circus acts. Tony the Tiger and Larry the Lion peek out from behind topical flowers as a high-wire act with two little bluebirdies – The Flying Winglendas (distant cousins of the famous Flying Wallendas) – entertain from on high. 

Design size: 7" x 9"


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Dimensional flowers abound – almost all new, but stitched with Brazilian embroidery techniques. Step right up! In the upper corner we have a Balloon Flower. The lower corner is anchored with a Merry-Go-Round Mum. Other flowers are Carnival Carnations, Busy Lizzie Carousel flowers, Harlequin Rose, Hot Buttered Popcorn Plant, and Cascade Circus Blossoms, all blended together with a sparkling shower of colorful tiny beads.

Advanced level design.  

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