159 Easter Egg Hunt Sampler Leaflet
Victoria Sampler

159 Easter Egg Hunt Sampler Leaflet

Easter is a wonderful time of year, full of hope and renewal. In this sampler we’re on the hunt for yummy chocolate and candy eggs the Easter Bunny left for the kids. What fun and laughter, as they run all over in heady anticipation of their treasures!
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In Thea's words:

Grab your basket and come join me in my Spring garden in the sunshine! We’re on the hunt for yummy chocolate and candy eggs the Easter Bunny left us..! At the top of the sampler is our town, with a little church and a trees with lovely pink cherry blossoms. Then you come across a wee little garden where the bees and the hummingbirds buzz overhead. In the next full panel, the Easter Bunny himself is dancing to the sounds of the birds as he’s carefully hiding each precious egg. He’s having such fun..! Next are our happy and excited children carrying their Easter baskets and neatly lined up for Mom’s signal! What fun and laughter, as children run all over in heady anticipation of their treasures! T
he dividing bands between the panels are also in on the fun; flowers, painted eggs, baskets, daffodils, hyacinths and drawn thread.. and the optional Hardanger flower motif below.. what a joyful sampler! If you’ve always wanted to stitch something to celebrate the fun and joy of this traditional egg hunt, come stitch this one..! I’ve stitched my Easter Egg Hunt sampler on Ice Blue but you can choose your own coloured linen, with silks in bright colours ! Frame or fashion into a bellpull and hang this in your hall at Easter time! - Thea

Design area: 40w x 235h (2.85”w x 16.8”h)
         Model: 28ct Ice Blue Linen Cashel  Cut fabric: 9” x 23” for finishing

Extra Materials Needed

  • Needles #10 short beading  
  • DMC #8 Perle Cotton - White
  • DMC #12 Perle Cotton - White
  • Needles #24 Tapestry

 Stitches Used in this Sampler:

    • Cross Stitch
    • Petit Cross Stitch   
    • Backstitch
    • Modified Fern Stitch
    • French Knots
  • Arrowhead Stitch
  • Upright Cross stitch
  • Herringbone Drawn Thread
  • Interlaced Hemstitches
  • Double Running Stitch
  • Algerian Eyelet
  • Four Sided Stitch
  • Kloster Blocks
  • Dove's Eyelets
  • Blanket Stitch Flower Filling Stitch 

Sorting The Threads in your Accessory Pack
: Remember to sort in daylight near a window, not under artificial light indoors, as the colours change with the colour of the lightbulbs we use. Each floss has a different number of strands in each thread length. This helps you differentiate the different colours in your pack. Needlepoint Inc. silk floss has 8 strands per length The Kreinik Mori has 6 strands per length The Gloriana Overdyed Silk has 12 thin strands per length. Dinky Dyes has 6 strands per length. FYI: We noticed that some colours have been divided into two lengths. This can happen if a colour requires 1.5 yards. Our kitmaker might include one 1 yard length and one 0.5 yard length, so don't get confused if one colour has more than one length of thread. We hope this extra information will help you sort your threads more easily!

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