Bohin Size 18 to 22 Chenille Needles

Bohin Size 18 to 22 Chenille Needles


Size 18/22.  Price per package of 6 needles.  Contains 2 each of sizes 18, 20, and 22.


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Package of 6 Chenille needles - combination of 2 each of sized 18, 20, and 22.

Chenille needles are the thickest of the different types of needles and have a very large eye and a sharp point.  Used for embroidering with thick or novelty threads, the large eye makes a large hole in the fabric to reduce wear and drag on the thread.  Sharp point for use on embroidery (non-evenweave, non-counted) fabrics.

Bohin needles are the best needles we've used. Much smoother than other brands, these needles just glide through the fabric! Proven to reduce hand fatique since the offer less resistance. Available in a variety of sizes and types.  Made in France.

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