Down the Garden Path


Instruction book for Down The Garden Path Sampler, but very useful as a reference for a variety of Brazilian Embroidery stitches.  Explains these stitches: Bullion, Buttonhole, Cast-On, Chain, Couching, Detached Buttonhole, Double Cast-On, Double Padded, Drizzle Cast-On, Elongated Bullion, Elongated Cast-On, Feather, Floater, French Knot, Irregular Short and Long, Lattice, Lazy Daisy, Outline, Straight, Stem, Padded, Pistil, Raised Detached Stem, Satin, Short and Long Buttonhole, Slanted Satin, Slanted Straight, Standard Leaf, Straight, Turkey, Oklahoma Twister, Woven, Wrapped Stem.


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