• Scissors

    From the ridiculous to the sublime, from very inexpensive to "Oh my!", scissors can be an indulgence, a collector's item, a useful tool.  They can be useful, decorative, fun, and drool-over-lovely-to-use.

    We carry a large range of scissors in a variety of types, sizes, styles, shapes, and qualities.  The Dovos are to-die-for, the Kelmscott are fun, others are plain-jane or fancy, utilitarilan or task-specific.

  • Needles & Pins

    Needles for cross stitch, embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, mending, hand-sewing, huck (Swedish) embroidery, doll-making, lace making, and more.  We carry Bohin, John James, Edmar, and DMC needles in most sizes and styles, and a few Richard Hemming and other brands.  We also carry a few select sewing machine needles for emergencies.

  • Organizers

    Organizers for all your embroidery and cross stitch needs.  From cardboard floss bobbins to mother-of-pearl thread winders, from plastic thread cases to needle ID cards, even fabric sample organizers!  Cruise through and see if we have just what you need to make your stash more accessible!

  • Hoops Frames & Stands

    Embroidery hoops, Q-Snaps, stretcher bars, scroll frames, lap and table stands, floor stands - everything you need to hold your fabric while you're stitching.  We carry Hardwicke Manor hoops, Morgan hoops/stands, Q-Snap plastic frames, FA Edmonds stretcher bars, Hearthside Creations stretcher bars, lap/table stands, and floor stands, K's Creations lap/table and floor stands, and P & G clamp-on stands.  We also carry less-expensive wood and plastic hoops.

  • Other Notions

    All the notions that did not fit under other categories.

  • Lighting & Magnifiers

    Lights, magnifiers, ACTION!  For those of us who don't see as well....

  • Lace Making Tools
  • Needle Minders
    Handy magnetic needle minders hold your needles for you while they're not in use.  Great way to prevent losing needles, stepping on them, or (heaven forbid!) having other step on them.

28" Dowel scroll rod

  • Special Order

24" Dowel scroll rod

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14" Dowel scroll bar

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12" Dowel scroll bar

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