• Table & Lap Stands

    Floor, table, and lap stands for hands-free stitching!  Well, you still need your hands, but these will hold your needlework for you to leave both your hands free for stitching.

  • Floor Stands

    Floor stands hold your work for you if you prefer not to sit at a table to do your stitching.  Most are designed to be adjustable for height, and some for reach as well.  Most stitcher who try a floor stand never look back!  Get yours today. Extra shipping applies due to the bulk and weight of the package.

  • Stretcher Bars

    Stretcher bars are wood frames for stretching needlework fabric to keep it taut.  Sold in pairs (opposite side of a square) - 2 pairs make one frame.  Use tacks or staples to hold fabric.

  • Embroidery Hoops

    Round hoops for keeping needlework fabric taut.

12" Dowel scroll bar

  • Special Order

14" Dowel scroll bar

  • Special Order

24" Dowel scroll rod

  • Special Order

28" Dowel scroll rod

  • Special Order