• Tatting

    Books and patterns for tatting - a lace making technique using tightly-spun thread and one or two tatting shuttles.  Lovely wrought-iron look.

  • Needle Lace

    Beautiful vintage handmade lace using just a needle and thread.  There are many types of this lace, including Venetian and Gros Point.  From simple to complex, needle lace may be 3-dimensional and often incorporates detached elements.  Makes gorgeous accessories - just look at the beautiful butterfly!

  • Bobbin Lace

    Traditional lace-making technique using thread and bobbins. The thread is woven into a fabric using the bobbins to intertwine, braid, and twist the threads into beautiful patterns.  A background pattern is laid, the thread is pinned at the starting points, and the bobbins are flipped and twisted to create the lace - pins hold the threads in place while the lace is being made.

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