• Cross Stitch
    Charts and patterns for counted cross stitch
  • Samplers
    Charts, leaflets, and patterns for sampler-style needlework
  • Canvaswork

    Canvaswork or needlepoint - primarily geometric designs stitched with a variety of fibres and stitches. Usually designed for 18 count mono canvas. Designs are counted and stitched from a chart.

  • Embroidery

    Surface embroidery books and patterns, including iron-on embroidery transfers and technique books on embellishing linens, household items, clothing, and more!

  • Quilting

    Books and patterns for making quilts - patchwork, appliqué, and more. Also includes patterns that combine quilting with other techniques, such as embroidery or cross stitch.

  • Lace Making

    Books and patterns on a variety of hand-lace-making techniques, including tatting, crochet, bobbin lace, Battenberg lace, and needle lace.

  • Hardanger

    Designs using Hardanger embroidery - an openwork technique originating in Norway. Hardanger is stitched with rectangular satin-stitched blocks at alternating right angles in two rows. Selected threads are then removed between the rows of stitching and the remaining threads are finished with a variety of filling stitches.

  • Brazilian Embroidery

    Patterns (and a few kits) for Brazilian embroidery - raised, 3-dimensional non-counted surface embroidery usually stitched with rayon embroidery thread, and sometimes embellished with other fibres and beads. Patterns are usually floral and often include insects and other small creatures.

  • Petit Point

    Charts and pattterns done on very fine fabric or gauze, usually in half-cross, tent, continental, or basketweave stitch.  Very popular in the 1970's, these patterns can be difficult to find.  No fractional stitches, little or no backstitching.

  • Other Techniques

    Books & patterns in techniques other than those listed in other sections of the menu.  Includes both counted and non-counted techniques

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