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Flosses & Fibres > Threads by Brand > Edmar
Luscious, vibrant colours with unnaralleled sheen.
From beautifully variegated to richly shaded to opulent solids, these threads will add colour and texture to your next project.
Available in the following styles:
  • Regular spin:
    • Glory (thinnest)
    • Iris
    • Lola
    • Tabé (limited colours)
    • Nova (thickest
  • Novelty spins:
    • Ciré - loose spin - great for satin stitch or other stitching that looks best with a smooth finish (limited colours)
    • Frost - Very tight spin - almost like tiny beads  - great for line stitching
    • Bouclé - nubbly texture - great for tree bark, moss, and other applications that require a nubbly texture
Designed for Brazilian embroidery, these threads also work great for surface embroidery, needlepoint, couching, and cross stitch.
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Boucle Rayon Embroidery Thread


Cire Rayon Embroidery Thread


Edmar Collector Program


Frost Embroidery Thread


Glory Rayon Embroidery Thread


Iris Rayon Embroidery Thread


Lola embroidery thread


Nova Rayon Embroidery Thread


Tabe Rayon Embroidery Thread


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Midnight Medley Needlepoint Chart


Miss Beetle Bead Pack


Miss Ladybug Bead Pack


Nap Thyme Kit


Oh Christmas Tree Needlepoint Chart


Renaissance Mermaid Bead Pack


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Snow Faerie Kit


Spirit Of Christmas Embellishment Pack


Spirit Of Christmas Thread Pack


The Banquet Part 1 Mystery Sampler Needlepoint Chart


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Three Sparkling Snowflakes Bead Pack


Village Christmas Tree Thread and Bead Pack


Wood Purse Handle - 12" Natural


Wood Purse Handle - 12" Oak