Tulip and Friends Brazilian embroidery pattern

Tulip and Friends Brazilian embroidery pattern


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Very pretty design of a spray of flowers and leaves, complete with an azure butterfly!

8 in. x 10 in.
Brazilian Embroidery Design by Jacqueline O'Reilly

Thread Requirements : These are only suggestions - dye lots may be different
Tulip: Lola 401 and Lola 129 for the veins.
Alternate suggestion: or Lola 114 and Lola 008. Lily of the Valley: Iris 000. Double Bullion Fancy Daisy: Lola 111 and Lola 114. Gerone Daisy: Lola 021 or Lola 037.
Clover : Iris 157.
Butterfly: Glory 206 and Glory (037, or 311, or 057 for some suggestions).
Greens: Lola 050 and Iris 109

The instructions assume the basic knowledge of Brazilian Embroidery. The following basic stitching directions are NOT included:
Straight stitch, French Knots, Bullions, Cast-on Stitch, Blanket Stitch, Satin Stitch. If you know the basic technique for these stitches you will need no other directions.
The directions tell you how to USE the above stitches to make the flowers in the design.

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