Table Stand with 20" Scroll Frame


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Hearthside Craftworks' Table Stand was designed for those that prefer to sit and work at a table or desk rather than from an easy chair. Comes complete with their signature Flip Frame©, 24" Crossbar, one pair of 20" Scroll Rods and the required Knobs.

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The Table Stand is designed for smaller projects (less than 20" wide). A longer 30" Crossbar can accommodate Scroll Rods up to 26" and is available at an additional cost (please contact us for pricing). Please note that 30" is the maximum length of Crossbar to be used with this stand.

24" Crossbar
Accepts scroll rods from 6" to 20" 
Flip Frame
Uses 2" on each end of the Crossbar 
Front Knuckles
Allows frame to be tilted from left or right approximately 45 degrees from horizontal
Same shape as Hearthside Craftworks' Original Floor Stand, but smaller and designed to fit on your table

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