Lasting Memories pillow embroidery pattern

Lasting Memories pillow embroidery pattern


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A beautiful design featuring two intertwined hearts embellished with flowers. Each heart has room to add the couple's names, while the date may be embroidered underneath.

Design by Linda Partch . Ring Bearer Pillow or a Pillow for anniversaries memories. 8" x 10" Fabric: 15" x 15"  Beginner Level  . Pearls are included.   

Stitch reviews are provided for the following stitching techniques: Stem stitch, Outline Stitch, Leaf Stitch, Alternating Satin Stitch, Satin Stitch, Chain Stitch & Cast-on Stitch. 
The "stitch reviews" are meant as a review only. If you have a knowledge these techniques - you will need no other directions.

Included: Design print, Directions, 3 mm Imitation Pearls

Item #JDR377 June's Ring Pillow

Leaves, Stems & Calyx: Iris 095, six strands .
Wedding Roses & Writing: Iris 159, Ten strands.
Bridesmaids Flower & Tole Roses: Iris 008, Eight strands.
Tole Rose "?": Glory 134, four strands .
Frilly Heart: Iris 000.
Interlocking Hearts: Iris 000, Full skein.
3 mm Pearls INCLUDED

Item #JDR-377

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