Fukien Tea Bonsai embroidery pattern

Fukien Tea Bonsai embroidery pattern


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This ancient Chinese tree has lots of character and its leaves are used to make tea! It has small white star flowers, containing drizzle stamens, using a modified version of Rosalie Wakefield’s star-fil flower. It has bright red berries. It’s leaves are various sizes, shapes, and color. The tree trunk is gnarly and knotty and done in raised chain stitch around all the knots. Intricate stalk-like bright yellow moss is constructed of 5 side drizzles and knots off of a single drizzle. There are two Chinese mud men relaxing near the base of the tree.

Stitches included in this design are: back, bullion, cast-on, drizzle, knotted bullion drizzle, side drizzle, fly, French knot, hopper, lazy daisy, outline, raised buttonhole, satin, padded satin, raised chain, stem, straight.

Advanced design

Design Area: 7 1/2" X 10" Fabric Size: 15" X 18"

Glory: 000, 049, 113, 114, 121, 145, 163, 223, 330
Iris: 000, 059, 121, 132, 147, 149, 156, 206, 215, 225, 414
Lola: 025
Boucle: 330 (2-3 skeins)

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