Cutie Pies Brazilian embroidery pattern

Cutie Pies Brazilian embroidery pattern


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This is the back cover design from the now-out-of-print book, Take A Stitch by Rosalie Wakefield. This product is available as a fabric print with all stitching instructions included.

Some of the little cuties looking for floss are a tree frog, French pig with black patent leather shoes, giraffe, opossum (just hangin’ around), a convention of bird brains (or brainy birds?), little armadillo, just ducky!, squirrelly little chipmunk, Ole’ Eagle Eye, little hedgehog, Curly A. Snail, panda bear, cranes, penguin, dragon, barnyard dragon/rooster, Nibbleworm and fiber flower, drizzlebirds, koala, Baggy Pants the elephant, pelican with purse, turtles two, Nessie (the Loch Ness monster), a crocodile, Mack the Knife, a shark, and two little dustballs - the dust Bunny and the dust Demon.

Suitable for pillow or frame, muskrat and bear tracks in Iris border the design and chicken tracks meander throughout.

Detail photos and diagrams are included with the instructions. This is a fabric print only. 

Design: 14” x 14”

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