Botanical Collection Tape Measure

Botanical Collection Tape Measure


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Beautiful botanical designs cover the face of these stunning new tape measures from BOHIN! From tulips to sunflowers, these delicately painted motifs capture the vibrant beauty of a lush garden. These tape measures aren't just beautiful though - they are built to perform. The retaining mechanism keeps the tape measure in whichever position you need while you work. At the push of a button, a spring mechanism automatically returns the centimetre back into its housing and winds it up neatly inside. The simple and practical accessory is perfect for all sewing, tailoring and do-it-yourself projects!

Not all designs available at all times. Please specify preference (we'll do our best to fulfill and will contact you if your preferred design is not in stock).

Metric on one side, Imperial on the other. 150cm, 60".

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