Grand Avatar

One of the stitcheries I’ve been working on for a while is the Grand Avatar by Kustom Krafts.  Wanting it to be a bit smaller than the original, I rashly decided I wanted to use just a single strand of floss.  After starting with several different thread counts of fabric, each finer than the last, I finally settled on 28 count Lugana over-1.  With the dark colours in his robe, I just couldn’t get adequate coverage on the heavier thread counts.  I’ve learned a lot about fabrics and threads since I started him about 3 years ago, and in retrospect would rather have done him on a 32 count Belfast linen.  ‘Nuff said about that.

I have this project in my shop, originally thinking I could work on it when “there was nothing else to do”.  Humph – that NEVER happens!  So last summer I got tired of people who are regulars having a peek at him and commenting that he wasn’t progressing very quickly, and decided I would “make” time to work on him.  Well, that worked well for June, but July, August, September, and October were very busy at the shop and I just couldn’t justify asking a customer to wait because it is now my “stitching time” and I would get back to her in half an hour :)

I make time to work on him whenever I can, such as when, in the middle of the afternoon, I just need a break.  I am taking pictures on a regular basis, to track my progress, and because I think it might be fun to take all the pictures, after he is complete, and make a sort of “flip-book” movie.  Of course I have no idea how to do that, but there must a way with today’s technology!

Here are the latest two photos, one taken December 4, and the other January 4 – obviously I didn’t have a whole lot of time in between, but you can see the progress at the bottom right…