Website error

I have no idea why, and the source cannot be found in any of my website files, but for some reason Microsoft has tagged my site as being connected to “” and “”, both of which are phishing/malware sites.  My hosting company has carefully checked all my files and could not find a reference to these two sites.  However, to practice caution, I will be taking the whole website down later tonight or early tomorrow morning, and re-installing everything from scratch (once more – sigh).  I hope to be able to retain my database and website colours & graphics, thus making the whole process faster, but there is a chance that the error is somewhere in there.

Please be patient with me/us while this issue is resolved.  I hope to be able to have the site back up and running within 24 hours.  For those of you who have already registered with the site, I will try to retain the information you entered.  If this is not possible, I will email you individually to let you know.

Website news…

After another two weeks of fussing with the website and ending up with more and more problems, I finally decided to start completely fresh.

I installed a brand-new version of Prestashop, uploaded a fresh copy of my theme (“Velvet Sky”), and proceeded to change all the colours and graphics to my preferences.

Then I uploaded my database and Wham! the menu stopped working!!

Returned to the default (test) database and all worked fine.

So now I will have to start from the beginning with adding all the products etc.  Thank goodness I have save all the graphics and photos I downloaded onto a thumb drive so at least I don’t have to do all that!  But needless to say, it will take a long time before I have a reasonable amount of product online.  Fortunately, I transferred just a small number of new products (about 65) and that worked fine.  Still need to add pictures and correct the tax rules, and add descriptions…