Monday Muse – June 17, 2013 – Product Review – Evertite stretcher bars

The best of intentions….

I had planned to post every Monday – but a few Mondays got by without me noticing (and that explains a lot!).

April Flowers mounted on 8" stretcher bars

April Flowers mounted on 8″ stretcher bars

Today’spost is a product review.  On Mary Corbett’s blog ( a few weeks ago, she mentioned Evertite stretcher bars.  Around the same time, we were preparing to attend Seminar 2013 (Embroiderers Association of Canada) in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  One of the instructors also suggested using these stretcher bars.  Interested, I looked it up further.

Corner of stretcher bars showing adjustment tightener

Corner of stretcher bars showing adjustment tightener

Evertite stretcher bars are unique in that they have a tightening system built into them.  I thought it wouldn’t make that much difference but wanted to explore it further – “see what all the fuss is about”.  I contacted Evertite and they were kind enough to send me a “care package” – a sample of their stretcher bars and other products they carry.  Well, the package arrived late last week, and I quickly opened it to look (every day is Christmas around here….).  I instantly went through some of our canvaswork patterns to find one that would fit the sample size that was sent, and found Carolyn Mitchell’s April Flowers – I happened to have all the supplies except one or two (which are now on my order list!).  I cut the canvas, assembled the stretcher bars (they are quite tight to begin with and it was a bit of a struggle), opened the packages of lovely large thumbtacks – these are a lot easier to put in than the regular ones! and popped my canvas on the bars.  Then I opened the package with the tightening tool, and tightened the canvas.

Large tacks applied to stretcher bars

Large tacks applied to stretcher bars

Wow!  It really does make a difference.  With a few quick turns on each corner, the canvas became drum-tight!  These could even be very useful when working on cross stitch or other counted work where the fabric needs to be stretched very tightly – eg a loosely woven or drapey fabric.We will be placing an order fairly soon – if you’re interested, let me know which sizes you’re looking for and I’ll be sure to include them in my order.

New Stock!

We’ve received several shipments this week, including new JBW designs, new quilting strip blocks and several books (and restocked a few Crabapple Hill designs), and restocked Woodland Threads (needle-painted mice) and Q-Snaps and YLI silk ribbons.

Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guide:  Whitework

RSN – Whitework

New books include the new Royal School of Needlework Essential Stitch Guides for Whitework, Stumpwork, and Silk Shading, a gorgeous silk ribbon book by Di van Niekerk, a beautiful book on designing your own canvaswork landscapes titled Threadscapes, Free Form Embroidery (the latest book by Judith Baker Montano), Simply Successful Appliqué, and a new Strip Quilting book.

New cross stitch designs (and a few older ones) by JBW Designs including Santa’s Sleigh, Joy, Pumpkin Alphabet, ABC’s and Christmas Trees, and several others.  These are great small take-along projects because they use limited thread colours, making them ideal to take to a friend’s house or while travelling.

Come on in and check out our new stock!!

Just received the latest Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue!

Just Cross Stitch 2011 Ornament Issue

Just Cross Stitch 2011 Ornament Issue

It’s absolutely packed with 76 gorgeous, whimsical, and sweet Christmas ornaments.  Several of our favourite designers are featured:  Jeannette Douglas, Thea Dueck & Cathy Jean of Victoria Sampler, and Jackie du Plessis of It’s Fine-ally Finished, to name just a few.  Let us know if you’d like us to hold one for you or mail one out!