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Carolyn Mitchell:

Christmas Ornaments 1

Gingerbread Girl:

B-47 Gelati

B-49 Sweet Treats

B-61 Sparkling Birthstone Ornaments

B-62 Jewel Box Club 1

B-63 Jewel Box Club 2

B-64 Jewel Box Club 3

B-65 Jewel Box Club 4

B-71 Pietre Precioza

Jeannette Douglas:

Christmas Sampler #2 Au Naturel

My Storybook Thread & Bead Pack

My Storybook Charm Pack

Pumpkin Stitches

Three Pines Sampler

Take Time for Friends

Victoria Sampler:

30P – Lavender Hearts Sampler

34RG – Heirloom Christmas Sampler Victorian Red & Green

39P – September Bellpull

39P – October Bellpull

39P – November Bellpull

39P – December Bellpull

41P – January Bellpull

41P – February Bellpull

41P – March Bellpull

41P – April Bellpull

43P – May Bellpull

43P – June Bellpull

43P – July Bellpull

43P – August Bellpull

69P – Gingerbread Garden Sampler

74P - “L” Sampler

85P - “Q” Sampler

87P – Heirloom Nativity Sampler

96P – Mystic Needlework Smalls

97P - “V” Sampler

98P – Christmas Treasures

103P – Tea and Stitches

110P – Gingerbread House

118PP – Friends in Stitches – Pink colourway

118BP – Friends in Stitches – Blue colourway

124P – Quilting Bee Sampler

133P – Pansy Pincushion

154P – Gingerbread Needlework Shop

154WFP – Gingerbread Needlework Shop White Floss Pack

157P – Mothers and Daughters

159P – Eater Egg Hunt Sampler

Victoria Sampler: Cathy Jean:

CJVS02P – Chickadee

CJVS30P – Bluebird

CJVS33P – Cardinal

CJVS35P – Button Up For Christmas 1

CJVS39P – Jack O’Juggle Spell

CJVS41P – Button Up For Christmas 3

CJVS48P – Button Up Birdies 1

CJVS49P – Button Up Birdies 2

CJVS50P – Button Up Birdies 3

CJVS51P – Button Up Birdies 4

CJVS52P – Button Up Birdies 5

CJVS53P – Button Up Birdies 6

CJVS54P – Woodland Babies Christmas Tartlets

CJVS65P – Button Up Birdies 8

CJVS66P – Button Up Birdies 9

CJVS71P – Laughing in Flowers

CJVS73P – Down Jinglepot Road #1

Victoria Sampler: Beautiful Finishing:

F03P – Little House Ornaments

F04P – Sweetheart Roses

F05P – Fabulous Tassels

F06P – Winter Box

F10P – Sturbridge Box

F15P – I Love You Sampler

F18P – A Stitcher's Heart

Victoria Sampler - Linda Rosser:

LR02P – Linda’s Forget Me Not Sampler

LR03P – Mistletoe Stocking

LR04P – Biscornuments

LR12P – Summer Welcome

LR07P – French Linen Pockets (full set – makes either one large or three small pockets)

Victoria Sampler - Tiny Packs:

TAP06 – Noel Ornament

TAP22 – Snow Baby Joey

TAP23 – Merry Little House

TAP27 – Snow Wishes

TAP30 – Christmas Robin

TAP31 – Gold Tassel Ornament

TAP32 – Tudor Tassel Ornament

TAP36 – Winter Squirrel

TAP37 – Double Trouble

TAP 41 – Merry Christmas Ornament

TAP44 – One More Stitch Mini Stocking Ornament (2014 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue)

TAP45 – Down Jinglepot Road (2014 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue)