Why are so many products marked Out of Stock?
2 Oct

Why are so many products marked Out of Stock?

At The Stitcher's Muse, we'd love to have a large shop with EVERYTHING stitching related.  Dione is fond of saying "A shop the size of a Costco Warehouse and a budget to match".  It isn't possible at this point, however, so our solution is to Special Order supplies for our customers.

What does that have to do with the website showing items "Out of Stock - may be special ordered"?  Well, because we do Special Orders, we order in lots of specialty items for people that we may not have carried before.  We think that because SOMEONE wants it, maybe other people want those items too, so we upload them to the website - that way all our customers know what we can get for them.  Of course when we Special Order something for someone and they come in to pick it up, it will show as Out of Stock on the website.

There are no extra charges for Special Orders, but we do ask for your patience, since it may take a long time to get some items in.  Why?  Because we are in Canada and most of our stock comes from either the USA or overseas, we have to consider minimum orders, shipping costs, and how many of the items we are ordering are in stock at our suppliers.  Often significant amounts of supplies are on backorder and we have to wait until our minimums are met or until the shipment reaches a reasonable size-to-shipping ratio, it can take weeks or months for something to arrive at our shop.  On a rare occasion, it has even taken more than a year due to unforeseen circumstances.

Last but not least, our computer's inventory system does not update to our website and vice versa, meaning that the quantities advertised on our website are often inaccurate.

We'll do our very best to get you the stitching supplies you need as quickly as possible.  If you are placing a Special Order, please mention if you have a timeline or deadline in mind.

Thank you for your patience and patronage!!