They're Here!
30 Jul

They're Here!

Vineyard silks...Our very first shipment of Vineyard Silks threads has just arrived!  I am SOOOO excited!  As one of my friends says:  "I just want to throw it on the floor, take off my clothes, and roll in it!"  Jesting aside, this new fibre is so luscious!  I have a good sampling in stock (see photograph) AND Real Thread Colour Cards (not photographed ones...) for your perusal.

I can't wait to take a couple of these home with me - I may even use a few in our Lavender Honey and Other Little Things stitch-along.Vineyard Silks and Rainbow Gallery shipments

We also received our latest shipment from Rainbow Gallery with a few colours of Splendor and Petite Very Velvet that were out of stock, and the lovely Elegance and Subtlety especially for the participants of Carolyn Mitchell's workshop at one of our local Guilds this Autumn...

Vineyard Silks arrayClick on the photos for larger views.  Contact us for purchasing details or view and purchase them here: