Evenweave, linen, Aida, Hardanger, and other fabrics for embellishing or counted work.


  • Evenweave

    Fabric with a defined thread count for counted embroidery work - cross stitch, pulled thread, drawn thread, needlepoint, canvaswork, etc.
    Most of these fabrics have the same number of threads per inch in both directions (warp and weft), and the threads are visible and countable.

  • Embroidery/Other

    Fabrics for embroidery other than counted work - crewel, shadow work, needle painting or thread painting, ribbon embroidery, Brazilian embroidery, candlewicking.
    Also includes burlap for rug hooking

  • Quilt

    Fabrics for quilting, or for backgrounds, fabric framing, or linings.

  • Prefinished Items

    Items that are prefinished or have prefinished edges, such as pillow shams, towels with evenweave inserts, etc.

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