Fabrics By Type 

Fabrics By Type

Categorizes fabrics by type: Aida, Linen, Cotton, Lugana, etc.


  • Linen
    Linen evenweave fabrics have a characteristic slub thread resulting in thinner and thicker threads giving the fabric character and interest. Evenweave fabrics have the same number of threads per inch in both directions.
  • Aida


    Commonly used cross stitch fabric consisting of bundles of four threads woven in an alternating pattern - two central threads woven opposite to two side threads.  Firm fabric, holes are relatively easy to see.  Good for beginners.  Comes in 11, 14, 16, 18, and 20 count (blocks of threads per inch).  The higher counts are finer fabrics with smaller stitch size.  A pattern of 100 stitches by 100 stitches would be:

    • 9" square on 11 count Aida
    • 7" square on 14 count
    • 6 1/4" square on 16 count
    • 5 1/2" square on 18 count
    • 5" square on 20 count

    14, 16, and 18 count are the most common, with 14 count being the most common of these.

    Aida fabrics can also be used effectively for Swedish or Huck Weaving.  Difficult to use if 3/4 or 1/4 stitches occur in the cross stithc pattern

  • Canvas
  • Stitchband
    Ribbon-like fabric with two finished edges. Excellent for bell pulls, small bags and purses.
  • Silk Gauze

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